The different papers comprising the workshop From Static Data to Dynamic Processes are now accessible here. Many thanks to Frederic Verolleman for its invaluable help !

Last season of excavation at Palaikastro Read More

A brief report on the 2015 excavation season in Zone 4 on the Buffos hill at Sissi (Crete) Read More

As an integral part of my NetUrbIn project, on the 5th and 6th of January 2015, I organized, at the University of Toronto and in collaboration with Pr. Carl Knappett, an international workshop on Minoan built environment (From Static Data Read More

In collaboration with Dr. Simon Jusseret, I recently began working a small side project which focuses on an abandoned house in the small village of Marsal (Moselle, France). This summer, we spent some time in the ruin, taking measures and Read More